Health Savings Accounts: A Step in the Right Direction-09/12/2011

Dr. Kordonowy has indicated Healh Savings Accounts’s are a step in the right direction to place better personal and provider accountability into health care delivery and improve personal choice for your health care.  The following link indicates that companies are now recognizing this as ” the future” for health care payments.  Dr. Kordonowy would favor eliminating requiring PPO insurance as part of the HSA option (currently required by law).  Only when the insurance industry is forced to provide consumers with less expensive insurance options (such as true catastrophic coverage) will the HSA find its true market potential.  Persons who take on higher levels of personal risk via HSA accounts and higher personal deductables should see proportionally lower insurance premiums from the industry. With the PPO rider requirement in the law, the health insurance industry doesn’t have to provide the consumer with a fairly priced product.

“Lower insurance premiums will mean more take home pay for the average employee.  It is a sad state of affairs to see the past decade of potential wage increases be siffoned from employees only to feed the coffers of the health insurance industry and the fixed prices of the health care industry. Now our government wants to force us to make these payments- from birth to death! ”  Ray Kordonowy MD