It is Busy Season in Fort Myers Florida

As I was winding down my office business today I realized I haven’t blogged for a bit of time. There have been plenty of things to blog about in the recent weeks but I have been “pulling back” as I contemplate the latest events.

Today I went back to my practice website and was reviewing the pricing section of my site. On that page I have an explanation of my philosophy about how I have come to stop contracting with health insurance companies and I feel it is worth posting today for general public consumption and contemplation. Here goes:

Why I’m not contracted with insurance companies

“because I work for you”

“I am passionate that the patient/physician relationship be maintained. This is the primary reason I have been on record repeatedly advocating for more patient choice and less health insurance and government interference with patient management. I serve the patient, not the insurance companies. In this day and age, the ability for the physician to maintain his or her position as the patient advocate is compromised by insurance, government or hospital-employer arrangements. I feel it is important to stay at an arm’s distance from a hospital employer, insurance payer paycheck and the government’s next pay cut if I am going to be able to properly take care of my patients. I don’t contract with private health insurance because over the years I have learned that the insurance companies don’t pass any savings to the patient. The companies also interfere with my care recommendations, from which prescription I can write to which test I can order. This interference paradoxically increases the cost of delivering care which explains a lot of the rising cost of health care in America and also compromises patients’ trust in the system and even in their doctor.”

-Raymond Kordonowy, M.D.

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