New Information Regarding Monitoring/Predicting Memory Loss Progression to Clinical Alzheimer’s Disease

hand draws brain sign


I am becoming a big fan of a site for doctors called Consultant 360. Just tonight I read a potentially ground-breaking article which indicates that there is a set of proteins that can be measured in the blood of subjects aged 70 years or older that when placed into an algorithm, can predict likelihood of memory impairment progressing to Alzheimer’s disease.

The article referenced is from a Journal called Alzheimer’s and Dementia and the study looks at a panel of 10 protein biomarkers that when measured and results combined has good predictive value for indicating who is going to develop worsening brain atrophy and memory decline.  Interestingly as I have indicated in prior blogs these proteins are involved in the lipoprotein cascade as well as inflammatory proteins in conjunction with ApoE gene information.


I also wanted readers to know that I am posting comments with article links that I find interesting or helpful to folks interested in health on the recently new Facebook page for the doctors report.

This past week, I had re-posted a prior blog that had 7 insights into information about the utility of meal replacement strategies that came from an interesting study that proved that significant disease burden from a common rhythm condition known as atrial fibrillation was reduced in subjects that accomplished meaningful weight loss.